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Dr. Jintu Borah


In the English novels of NE region of India also we find ample descriptions of nature. If in a novel we find the description of a river, in another novel we find imaginative description of nature and in other human activities in nature. Some such novels are- Mitra Phukan's 'A Monsoon of Music’, Jahnabi Barua's 'Rebirth', Siddarth Sarma's 'The Grasshopper's Run', Dhruba Hazarika's ' A Bowstring of Winter’ and Easterine Kire' When the River Sleeps', in L.W. Bapu’s ' Khanduma's Curse and Siddartha Dev's 'Surface'. In Mitra Phukan's 'A Monsoon of Music ' we find the mention of Red River for boating and entertainment. In Jahnabi Baruah's 'Rebirth' also we find the reference of the Brahmaputra River and Deepar Beel which is a lake, a natural habitat for aquatic animals and bird. The writer is concerned of the encroachment of the Beel and the aquatic environment which get polluted. In Easterine Kire's 'When the River Sleeps' we find about the mention of rain forest, many medicinal herbs, animals in this novels. In Druba Hazarika's ' A Bowstring of Winter' we find the description of the hills of Meghalaya. The people worship the Mountain as God. In Siddartha Dev's 'Surface' we find the description of the hills of Manipur and even Myanmar boarder. In spite of this the dwellers here have to face problem because of lack of connectivity.

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