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Very recently we see authors are trying to write on various topics and anti-colonial movements and contribution to the freedom struggle movements is one of the themes describe in such novels. In some English novels of NE region, we find the description of Japanese invasion, domination the British and how people of the north East India fought. In Nagaland there are some tombs, monuments of the World War II time which are mentioned in some novels. In another novel there is the mention of how local people had to suffer during the time of independence. We find the mention of hero like U Trirat Singh and others in some novel. In following six novels we find the description of Japanese invasion, domination the British and how people of the north East India fought; they are- 'A Naga Village Remembered', 'Mary', 'Bitter Wormwood', 'The Grasshopper's Run', 'Surface' and 'A Bowstring Winter'.</p> Dr Jintu Borah (Author) Copyright (c) 2023 DLC IMAGE: PRATIBIMBO http://image.dispurlawcollege.org/index.php/image/article/view/10 Mon, 10 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Library Automation: An overview http://image.dispurlawcollege.org/index.php/image/article/view/13 <p>The purpose of this article was to provide an overview of library automation and how library management has changed over the year. With the impact of ICT, library operations and functionality have changed into a fast paced mode. Patrons are not required to find a document by visiting shelf to shelf. They just use a desktop to access their documents, manpower has been reduced due to automation. This article has discussed about the concept of library automation, its needs, benefits and problems faced by using it. Some special features and areas where library can use it. This paper has also discussed some software packages which are available for automation purpose.</p> Supriya Chutia (Author) Copyright (c) 2023 DLC IMAGE: PRATIBIMBO http://image.dispurlawcollege.org/index.php/image/article/view/13 Thu, 13 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0000 THE ISSUE OF UNDOCUMENTED IN-MIGRATION TO ASSAM: A PERCEPTION STUDY ANALYSIS http://image.dispurlawcollege.org/index.php/image/article/view/11 <p>Undocumented in-migration continues to be an unabated issue in the entire Northeastern state including Assam as it affects the state’s politics in a major way. Intellectuals cannot be defined according to the jobs they do, rather it may be done by the manner they act, their viewpoints, and their values towards the society. For the issue of undocumented migrants and their impact on the indigenous society, the present survey has been conducted among a selected group of intellectuals in Assam to understand their perception, awareness, and sensibility on this burning issue and also to justify the scope of studying the topic in the present context. The survey has enormous value to policymakers to develop sound remedial management policy which can play a significant role. The questionnaire used during the survey has 23 semi-structured questions covering 13 themes related to the issue in question in the socio-legal domain. The provision of giving their personal suggestions for remedy is also there. The results of the data collected allowed the interviewer to make an overall assessment of how receptive the participants were to the issue.</p> Dr. Plabita Saikia (Author) Copyright (c) 2023 DLC IMAGE: PRATIBIMBO http://image.dispurlawcollege.org/index.php/image/article/view/11 Mon, 10 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Non-Performing Assets and its Impact on Indian Financial Sector http://image.dispurlawcollege.org/index.php/image/article/view/14 <p>Non-Performing Assets are a significant concern for any financial institutions as they can have adverse effects on their financial health and profitability. The presence of high level of NPAs indicates that the bank may face difficulties in recovering the loan amount ultimately resulting in potential losses of the institution. Along with the bank’s financial health situation it impacts the country’s economy to a large extent. Managing and reducing NPAs is crucial for banks and financial institutions to maintain their financial stability and profitability and to ensure the overall health and stability of financial system.</p> Mr. Tanay Paul (Author) Copyright (c) 2023 DLC IMAGE: PRATIBIMBO http://image.dispurlawcollege.org/index.php/image/article/view/14 Mon, 10 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0000 TRAFFICKING OF WOMEN: LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK IN INDIA http://image.dispurlawcollege.org/index.php/image/article/view/12 <p>Human trafficking is a complex and multi-dimensional problem that affects countries across the globe, and it is often referred to as one of the fastest-growing criminal industries. It is an industry that generates billions of dollars in profits every year and has devastating consequences for the victims who are exploited and abused. like many other countries, faces significant challenges in combating trafficking. The government has taken several steps to address the issue, including enacting plethora of laws to deal with menace. The Constitution of India “prohibits traffic in human begins and forced labour”. However, despite these efforts, trafficking of women remains a significant problem in India. This paper will discuss various legislations that address the issue of trafficking of women in India. Further, an attempt would to be made to analysis the primary legislation that deals trafficking of women. The paper argues that the main legislation is enacted from the crime-based approach, which focuses more on criminalization of trafficking and prosecution rather protection of the victims. The crime-based approach can often result in the re-victimization of trafficking survivors, who may be treated as criminals or illegal migrants rather than as victims of exploitation. Hence, there is a need for a victim-centric legislation to combat<br>changing dimensions of trafficking of women in India.</p> Priyanka Diphusha (Author) Copyright (c) 2023 DLC IMAGE: PRATIBIMBO http://image.dispurlawcollege.org/index.php/image/article/view/12 Mon, 10 Jul 2023 00:00:00 +0000