Threatened Life of Weaker Section of People on Border Areas of Assam: Report of A Case Study

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Plabita Saikia


Poverty is a facet of developing nations like India and it is quite common in fringe areas
in border districts of states like Assam. At the same time these areas are disturbed with
illegal infiltration and other unlawful activities. An attempt to discuss poverty and
economic status of weaker section of people especially women along the International
border areas in Assam in the light of contemporary migration is made through field studies.
The study emphasized on quality and support of life of weaker section of people in study
area. Emphasis was also given to push and pull factors of historic and contemporary
migration along with factors associated with border trade and extra national interest.
Three case studies are reported with recommendations to policy makers.

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P. Saikia, “Threatened Life of Weaker Section of People on Border Areas of Assam: Report of A Case Study”, DIP, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 12–16, Mar. 2024.


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