It is a great thought of publishing an interdisciplinary research journal which our college authority thought a few months ago. The responsibility of publishing it is mainly vested upon me and upon the editors. So we invited papers from all. Although many persons called me over phone but we received only one 'book review' from a research scholar, one article on gender issues from Cotton University and a collaborative paper on Digital Library by Tinsukia and Moran College. The other research articles are provided by our faculty members and one by our librarian.

As per guideline of ISSN we are able to collect the minimum necessary number of articles for a half-yearly journal. Hope in the second issue we will be able to receive more research articles.As per UGC guideline for plagiarism for PhD research, which is up to 10 percent, here also we follow the same rule and allow only when we get a plagiarism certificate which is up to 10 percent. It is because we see many UGC-CARE listed journals where a research article with a plagiarism certificate up to 10 percent either from 'Turnitin' or 'Urkund' is accepted. We will also apply for UGC-CARE list. So we have allowed only such articles which are either checked by 'Turnitin' or 'Urkund' and up to 10 percent plagiarism is there.

For Peer Review our whole team has worked. I have to appreciate their activity for which we are able to get the ground-breaking issue of the journal.

It is really a great endeavour for a private college to publish a research journal. It needs financial support to exist and grow. However, the college authority wants to publish an e-journal first whose paperback may be published later. The editorial board planned to inaugurate the e-journal and accordingly the e-journal was inaugurated on 20th June, 2022 by respected ACP, Noonmati, Sri. Nilotpal Deka. For which we have to thank our Principal and Vice-Principal Madams who are also advisors of the journal. Due to technical reasons we were not able to publish the Journal publicly on the internet. So, we have published it the month of December, 2022. Our next issue will be published after six months, i.e. in the month of June, 2023. May be some reasonable fees will be charged from the research scholars in future to run the journal or any other steps will be taken for it only time will tell.

The importance of research article in the life of a faculty is immense. It is equally important for colleges as well as in universities. To get promotion or even to apply in the university associate faculty position one has to publish minimum six research articles. A college may be transformed to an autonomous body like a university or a deemed university if its faculties work hard. Research activities will lead a college to a great height. So every faculty should try to indulge in research activity which will definitely improve the quality of the faculties and at the same time it will improve the intuition or college as well.
Thank you all for your great help.
Yours sincerely,

Dr Jintu Borah
Assistant Professor in English, Dispur Law College
Chief-Editor, DLC Image-Pratibimbo.